Who Are We?

The reality is we are just like you. Every University student now, in the future and has gone before us. We have discovered who we are as people and how we are going to inevitably reach the top of the mountain and stand tall. We will have our wins, but at the same time our losses will ultimately define who we set out to be now and in the future. Life isn’t easy and just like many of you, not everything goes to plan.

We are Anthony and Jordan and here is a little bit of background on our wins in life, along with our defining setbacks.

Our Losses/Opportunities:

  • Failed units in first year of uni
  • Missed out on many ideal graduate programs
  • No passion or direction early in adult-life
  • Barely completed the first two years of Uni
  • Heavily doubted abilities
  • Skipped exams through lack of motivation
  • Expectation of being handed our opportunities instead of earning them
  • Acceptance of the status quo

Our Wins:

  • Successfully graduated from our business degrees
  • Finished course with a distinction average
  • Recognition for highest achiever in multiple units through last year of study
  • Operational leadership graduate in the NAB Graduate Program
  • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for Cancer Council
  • Completion of an International Leadership Program
  • Volunteering experience with the Cancer Council/Bark for Life
  • Internship with a multinational organisation