Our Vision

We strive to rewire and empower young university students (the generation to come). We want to ignite a perspective that will unlock YOUR fullest potential

We aren’t superheroes nor are we special or gifted in anything; we are just like you and everyone else. As you can briefly see HERE, what we do have is an abundance of negative (and positive) experiences that we have collectively endured throughout our journey.

We know first hand how things don’t always go to plan and we know how it feels to experience the setbacks; failure and rejection and unfortunately these things are inevitable. But what we also know is how to turn those experiences into some of the most influential events to occur in your life. How to learn and grow from absolutely everything, how to fail forward and not backwards and how to always remain positive and fuel the drive towards your goals.
It’s a competitive world however with the right tools and resources absolutely nothing can stop you.
This isn’t a blog that will tell you the same things everyone else will. This is an interactive and cooperative hub where you will find all the little one %ers that worked for us and the most successful people in the world. No petty advice, no standardized resources, no bullshit.

Oh and here’s the kicker, it’ll cost you nothing at all but your time and attention. We will share everything we know, pair you with resources that work and equip you as best we can to make sure you can achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to. You want to make shit happen and lead a life with no regrets you’re at the right place.

Welcome to the grind.