If you wish to grow and move forward, simply act and make a DECISION

Hey guys! Jordan is writing this blog post today, as I’m really going to delve into my own personal experiences!!


I once heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak on a podcast about the route to success. I can’t exactly remember what he said, but the meaning I took from hearing him remains unconsciously stuck in my head

It’s a little like the path to success isn’t linear nor a straight-line, but rather an abundance of millions of different paths or possibilities that someone can take. Obviously, success is such a vague sort of concept and it is open to interpretation for many different people. The whole consensus of his point is, there are so many different possibilities or paths out there that someone can take, with each path leading to inevitable personal growth in some way.


Looking back, I agree with this concept in its entirety and began to really think about what this truly meant. Basically, it can all start with ONE decision. One decision could lead you down a unique path, then from there another decision is taken that leads you down another path and then sooner or later you’ve reached a point in your life you couldn’t of thought was imaginable!!


The power of a decision really came to fruition just recently in my quest for a job, or rather a career destination. I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity in joining the carsales.com team (I start next week!!!), however, one decision was monumental in arriving there!


I put in an enormous amount of work tailoring my resume and cover letter to the role and the company, along with extensive research in regards to the company culture, how they operate and what their future entails. Basically, I was confident and excited when I submitted my application, as my mind began to wonder visualising what it would be like to work there!


The next day I received an email outlining how I was unsuccessful in proceeding with the application process, as there were many outstanding applicants who edged me out. I was at my other job at my local Woolworths Supermarket at the time when I got this email and I felt mixed emotions when I got the response.


I thought to myself this is the job hunt, failure is ultimately going to define you, take what you learned from this experience and move on to the next one. With those thoughts in the back of my mind, there was also another lingering thought. NO, BULLSHIT, YOU’RE PERFECT FOR THAT ROLE AND THAT COMPANY.

From there I made a decision on the shop floor at Woolworths to type a response email on my phone basically outlining how I believed I was still an ideal fit for the position and the incredible culture at carsales, and asked for the opportunity to be reconsidered, along with the opportunity for a potential 1 on 1 interview.


From there the rest is history, I got a call the next day from carsales who wanted to get me in for a face to face interview and from there I landed the position!!


Through my own personal experience I now understand the power of making one decision. Decisions can entail not making one at all (which technically is a decision) or actually taking action and acting on one, with the goal of moving forward. As you can see both options are powerful, in the sense that not making one could mean you’re failing to cease an opportunity that may arise in the future! It’s a scary thought…


To end, I’m not going to get where I need to be by simply making one decision… But to really inception you all, the decision that I took to type that email was the result of another decision I made previously and then that decision was a result of another one I made and the cycle just continues… This really shows that we are all in the driver’s seat of our own lives and we have lead ourselves to the point we are at right now, even if we don’t realise it!


I will always take action, because taking action is a whole lot better than taking none at all!!!

Hope you enjoyed!



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