I had the opportunity to meet with a Digital Marketing Manager last week, and the insights he gave me in regards to the interviewing process were eye opening.

He gave me some outstanding advice in terms of how to land a job in the digital marketing field, but the insights he gave me in terms of what he personally looks for in job applicants was simple, but in essence often overlooked (I’m guilty of this).


He mentioned that he hired the last 2 people in his company, based on how relatable they were and how he was able to form a connection with the person. He hired one of them due to the fact that the candidate’s place of address was in the same suburb he grew up in when he was young. THAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE END…


So from this post, I’m not saying having skills and knowledge is not really that important, because it is, however time should be taken to really from a connection with an interviewer, because human nature for hundreds of years see’s people gravitate to other people due to their values/ideals!!


Showcase who you are, because as my meeting suggests, it is often the factor that gets you hired!!!


In my hunt for my ideal job, I need to make sure everything isn’t about myself, because at the end of the day an interviewer and a candidate are both people, and you really have an opportunity to showcase not only what your skills and attributes are, but what you believe in!!


Think about it, being able to appeal to the emotional side of someone, then backing that up with tangible evidence, in this case showcasing your values and ideals and reinforcing them through your skills is a much more effective way to tackle an interview.

It’s your move…

  1. Always be yourself 
  2. What are your values? What do you believe in?
  3. Emotion paired with logic will always be a winner 
  4. The interviewer is human. You are human. Try your best to form a connection beyond the actual job
  5. Make sure you live in the same suburb as the interviewer (ha ha ha)


Obviously all interviewers are different, but thought I would share the valuable insight that I received last week!!




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