Email is something that dominates the business world. News that is hardly revolutionary. But emailing with the purpose of seeking a good first impression, or even maintaining an existing one, is a little mindset that we can all adopt.


These 1 %ers matter…


I heard an interesting fact once and it mentioned that people have 4 seconds to make a good first impression, because after these 4 seconds, the receiver will unconsciously decide whether or not they favour an individual or not.

We make a good first impression through our body language, tone of voice, eye contact… All non verbal body language!

But how are we meant to make a good first impression via email, if we can’t use these non-verbal cues?


It’s the little things. It’s understanding that the receiver of the email is a busy person, so you want to be short, concise and straight to the point. That’s how you make a good first impression or maintain one…


You want to be grammatically correct, polite and formal. That’s how you make a good first impression or maintain one…


You want to reply in a timely matter. That’s how you make a good first impression or maintain one…


It’s your move now…

  1. Purpose of email is outlined in the email tagline- One of the most important components of email etiquette. Paint a picture of what the email is going to look like for the receiver in the tagline. Emails shouldn’t evoke curiosity. The purpose always should be outlined in tagline. Also, never misled the receiver by a false tagline. For example don’t put ‘URGENT’ and simply ask a generic question that anyone can answer
  2. Make sure you spell their name correctly- ‘Hey xxx’. Your whole credibility is lost if you misspell their name. I know all about that one (haha)
  3. Always begin with a polite question about the receiver– ‘Hope you are well’, ‘How was your weekend’, ‘Anything new with you’. If you know them a little bit more, address that knowledge. “Did you watch the footy on the weekend, crazy game hey?. They may not respond to the question, but it shows courtesy and respect. Can’t go wrong!
  4. Don’t beat around the bush- If you’re seeking something from the receiver, get straight to the point after the polite question. People appreciate getting straight to the point
  5. Always end with a thank you message- This is a MUST if you’re seeking some sort of value from the receiver
  6. SPELL CHECK- The little things matter


What do you guys think??


Yours sincerely,


The Daily Grind



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