Many people start out with a plan of how they will achieve their definition of success. They work out everything it will take, organise the resources and predict the actions necessary, setting out to achieve what they think will be most fulfilling. With the excitement of embarking on what appears to be a straight path, they forget the fact that although the plan is in their control, the path ahead is not.

One thing and one thing only will keep you grounded and true to your purpose and that my friend is falling in love with the process, and it’s easier than you think…


Eric Thomas had an incredible analogy about this using the relationship between a lion and a gazelle. Identifying that when a gazelle sees a lion automatically fear takes over but when the lion sees the gazelle it lights up because it knows it’s show time.

They’re wired completely different because the gazelle will only run if something’s chasing it where the lion wakes up ready to continue its hunt day in day out.

It may not win every single day but it will never stop chasing what it’s after no matter the circumstances and that is exactly the mindset you must adopt and embed within your mind to achieve that goal you’re after.

Now where I’m leading with this is that you must find a goal that drives you from the inside without relying on external factors and a way to nourish that will be explained later in the post.

If you find yourself constantly relying on something or someone to externally motivate you, being the reason you’re able to progress towards your goal then you need to shift your perspective because when challenge strikes and it will, you will find it much harder to stay grounded.
Understanding and embracing that the process is inevitable is the first step to igniting internal drive because people don’t become successful by accident.

To love the process is the ability to embrace the path to what you want to achieve no matter the circumstances, constantly keeping ‘why you started’ in the forefront of your mind as a reminder of what got you to where you are now.

Embracing the process will keep you disciplined not just in the best of times but also in the times that are tough. In the early mornings or late nights, in the dark when no one is there to see you putting in the work. Those are the hours that make the difference.

To outlast any process you have to remember three key factors.

Those three things are too be brave and not perfect, boldly tackling new challenges and opportunities.

Remaining resilient and not flawless accepting that failure leads to learning.

Being confident and not complete, backing your abilities endlessly.

Pair these with an attitude driven for success and you will be unstoppable.


Now, it’s your move. Never forget to:

  1. Be brave not perfect
  2. Resilient not flawless
  3. Confident not complete

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