Yes it’s true… Volunteering experience looks good on the resume. They were exactly our intentions when both Anthony and myself decided to volunteer for the Cancer Council.

To an employer, volunteering experience is definitely seen as a factor that allows you to stand out against fellow candidates.. Getting accepted into my International Leadership Program at Monash was based around the reflection and communication of my volunteering experience!! But looking back it was so much more. My program was just the by-product!


The life experience I personally gained from my volunteering experience was enormous. Often you’re surrounded by people that come from all walks of life, all with a diverse perspective. However, one thing you do in fact share in common is the commitment to a specific cause or purpose you’re volunteering for.


So basically I went in to my volunteering experience personally with the thought of making my resume look like a home run, when instead, as time progressed, I learned so much more about myself and the people I was collaborating with. That was the key takeaway out of the experience. What you uncover about yourself and the cause you’re volunteering for is so much more VALUABLE.


Of course we can all still put our volunteering experience on our resumes, however we just need to change out thought process behind it.

It’s now your move…

  1. Seek a volunteering role- Obviously we all know the importance of a volunteering experience, however if you are looking to get the ball rolling, volunteer for something you’re passionate about, maybe something that has impacted you or your family. Reach out to them. Everyone is looking for good people to fight for a common cause
  2. Reflect on the experience- This is legit one of the most beneficial things we can do. Reflect on everything you have learned. How did it enhance your strengths? Did you overcome any challenges? How did the people you formed relationships with help you grow? What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself? Understand the importance of the experience over  simply listing it on your resume
  3. Look at the bigger picture- The reflection of your experience is exactly what employers want in interviews! Remember STAR? Questions asked may be a perfect opportunity for us to tie in our volunteering experience



Notice when we change the thought process behind volunteering the value taken out of the experience is so much greater than simply listing it on our resume?


We understand how the experience has aided our growth personally, we understand how we could use the experience in interview questions, we have the chance to work with great people and finally you’ve supported a cause that’s bigger than your own?? You have become a better person because of it. Understand how and why you have become a better person! REFLECT…


Share your own volunteering experiences with us on Twitter!! We would love to hear them…





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