As a generation, we are all in such a rush to succeed. We want results now. We want the lives we dream of now. We want the fancy car now. We want the fat bank account now…

We don’t understand that it takes patience, and basically Rome wasn’t built in one day.


I continue to fall victim to this mythology. I vividly picture what my life will look like in 10 years time, however I tend to ignore all of the steps needed to reach my destination, as I want that success now. With this mindset I begin to get trapped in a cycle. You look at other people as to why you aren’t where they are? You begin to question your own decisions? You start second guessing yourself and think can you really do this? Are my goals ever going to be brought to reality??


I like to use this analogy to describe the situation. You go down to the park and you see a duck swimming in the water. It is just floating effortlessly through the water. For someone from the outside looking in you probably think this duck has it all figured out. Socialising with its friends, gets to go for a swim, eats whenever it wants. The list goes on. But what we don’t see or realise is the effort it is taking for the duck to actually stay floating. Its legs are working overtime, paddling and paddling and paddling and paddling away. Working…


So the point of this story is we often see people and the lives they live. We think they have it all figured out. That their lives must be great. We are often envious at times. But what we ignore is the fact hard-work and patience was needed in order for that person to get to where they are today.

That’s what we all need to do. No secret work is the answer. But it’s being able to remain consistent with our work-ethic, as that will reap long term benefits. Hard-work paired with patience…


So whatever your future goals might be. Whether it’s a job with your dream company, the ability to live overseas, drive the fancy car, change the world, start up a business, fall in love, have children, earn loads of money, live in a mansion whatever it is, it begins with patience. Hard-Work will get you the reward later down the track..


So how can we all (me included), incorporate patience in our lives

It’s now your move…

  1. Continue to grow as a person- Try new things whenever you can. Basically live in the moment. Don’t settle for short-term. Prioritise yourself and experience what the world has to offer
  2. Failure is a test– The concept of patience incapsulates failure, because being patient means you are willing to overcome the setbacks of failure. Remember short-term failures are just short-term failures. They are not your future
  3. Goal affirmation- Write your goals down everyday, no matter how big or how small. Live and breath your goal. Wake up with the mindset one day is going to be the day this becomes a reality. Continue to grow and make sure you cease the opportunity when it arises
  4. Work on your clock- Pressure to succeed is all built up in our own heads. We all work on different clocks. Just because someone else has the big job, doesn’t mean you have to at this point in time. We are all different and walking our own paths.


I’m sure we will all wake up at 40 and wish we could go back to the years we are living right now. Success will come no doubt if we have the right mind-set and work ethic, so we may as well enjoy the steps that will lead to that inevitable future…

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