Those were the exact words I received in an email for my ideal graduate program late last year..

At the time this absolutely devastated me, as something I visioned and worked so hard for seemed to crumble with the reading of one email.

Little did I know at the time, this news reframed my whole mindset, and was no doubt a pivotal turning point in my future career.



There is a quote that says you you need to ‘Fail Hard and Fail Often’ because the truth is, true growth comes from failure.

All of the greats who have ever succeeded in anything have learnt this valuable lesson. Thomas Edison recounts the inventing of the light bulb (seems like forever ago). Basically he says that he didn’t really invent the light bulb, he just discovered over 1000 ways the light bulb did not work!!

Obviously the life of a student isn’t rainbows and sunshine, as even though we as students have never had so much freedom to forge the lives we want, we are all going to experience inevitable setbacks or bumps in the road.


Combined, we have both been informed we will not be proceeding in graduate and job positions for over 40 roles. That is 40 times we were told we weren’t good enough.

It’s how you respond that will no doubt lead to your monumental success later on in life. We saw these failures as learning curves, and the setbacks only made our dreams and goals in life vividly clearer.



So how do we begin to process the news that we have been unsuccessful in graduate and job roles?

It’s your move now…

  1. Feedback- If possible, try and gain as much feedback on your application process as possible, because doing the same thing over and expecting different results in the definition of insanity!!
  2. Keep your eyes on the prize- Think about it, if you’re devastated at first about not getting a specific role, it means you care about the role you applied for. Just because you missed out on a role, doesn’t mean you can’t obtain another one with the same company. Apply for roles that truely inspire you. Live through your passion!
  3. Keep a list of all the organisations that said you weren’t good enough- I have personally started to do this and know several people who do the same. Use the list as motivation. Prove them all wrong!!
  4. Remember failure goes hand in hand with success- Look at failure as an opportunity. If you think you’ve reached a low point, the only way you can go from there is up!


After personally failing to obtain specific grad roles, the failure allowed me to realise what I truely wanted to do and was done applying for roles that didn’t ignite my passion. My goal for the future is now clear and I won’t settle until I obtain it. Finally word of advice, apply for roles that excite you. If that excitement isn’t there, you’re just applying for a role because it’s a job that pays money!! Don’t settle.


We are all in this together. Grind and keep your eyes on the prize. It’ll come…


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