Basically public speaking and uni presentations come down to how we communicate beyond the actual words we are saying!

But firstly, public speaking is a concept that frightens a lot of people (me included), but is a skill that is in absolute demand and if you can master it, you will go a long way in making a long lasting impression with the people you come into contact with!

So what do I mean by communicating beyond the words we are saying?

  1. Hand Gestures 
  2. Tone of Voice 
  3. Eye Contact 

Little do we know, the power of body language, tone of voice and eye contact are key pillars in what makes communication effective, and more importantly what makes you stand out!!

The impact of all of these elements in effective communication is actually broken down into statistics!

  • 7 % through the spoken word
  • 38 % through our tone and voice
  • 55 % Body Language (eye contact, hand gestures, posture etc)

Jordan Belford (Wolf of Wall Street guy) also mentions that you have 4 seconds in order to make a solid first impression, so you want to make sure from the get go that you are ticking off all of these boxes!

So how can we implement these things into our university presentations and stand out from the crowd (a little like the image below)

Now it’s your move…

  1. Always use eye contact- Make sure you’re making your presence known and you’re engaging everyone in the room, otherwise you will lose their engagement quickly (especially your tutors)
  2. Vary your tone of voice- Emphasise the key points in your presentation by the tone of your voice, for example slow down the reading of an important statistic or point and let silence linger for a few seconds afterwards (IT WORKS)
  3. Always be animated through hand gestures- Look in the mirror and have a conversation with yourself and get into the habit of using your hands when talking. Using hands in conjunction with the words you’re saying unconsciously trigger emotion and engagement in your audience
  4. Start off with energy and enthusiasm from the get go- Set the tone early and use all of these elements in the first 4 seconds of your presentation.

Go get them guys! Remember, uni presentations are just a form of public speaking, so nailing this throughout our studies will give us the confidence to try public speaking in other environments such as work, events and so on in the future.

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