The snooze button can either be our greatest friend or our arch nemesis, so how can we make sure we beat it every single time?

Mel Robbins developed a theory (best selling author), that basically touches on the concept that we all have 5 seconds to make a decision and take action, a decision that could ultimately transform our lives for the better. So this can be applied to waking up in the morning!!!


So lets paint to the picture… You have to get up at 6am Monday morning, so you set your alarm and you’re off to sleep. You wake up the sound of your treacherous alarm. Once 5 seconds goes by and you haven’t got out of bed yet, your brain will turn on and begin to convince you of the perks of staying in bed just that little bit longer. Then you press the snooze and the cycle begins, ultimately falling victim to your own mind.

Instead we need to just get up and get moving before our brains switch on and convince us what a f$ckn stupid idea it is to get out of bed.


So how can we make getting out of bed the first time second nature to us?


Now it’s your move…

  1. Set a groovy alarm song- You can actually set an alarm tone on your iPhone to a song in your Apple Music Library, so I have the pleasure in waking up to Kanye West every morning
  2. Get up within 5 seconds- Don’t make the mistake in letting your brain switch on and convince you to stay in the warm confines of your own bed! We are in control so dive in the deep end and get up.
  3. Start the morning with an action taken- Little do we know, getting out of bed in the morning represents an action taken towards success, so lets set the tone for our day and get up!
  4. Morning Routine- It’s great to have a morning routine, whether it’s a warm shower, a coffee, writing your goals down, planning out your day, a 10 minute walk etc. A morning routine makes sure you immediately have a purpose when we get out of bed

So kick there snooze button in the face guys!! Remember Mel Robbin’s rule can also be applied to overcoming fear, self doubt and procrastination, as it forces us to always make a decision, often taking us all out of our comfort zones. Making a decision within 5 seconds throws us in the deep end straight away, and that is where true personal growth occurs.



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