Ok unfortunately there is no magical secret where you can get away with doing no work but still get a HD…. But there is something minor we can all do that will 100 % make a difference to our group assignment marks.


Group assignment success is all about the quality of the people that are in your group and the great thing about group assignments, is if you all do your part, success is inevitable.

So how do you get quality people in your group?

There is a trick that works 9 times our of 10. In the very first tutorial you have for your class, when everyone introduces themselves in those dreaded first tute games, simply gauge students that communicate themselves well, and give interesting answers about themselves. Students that are willing to talk more are more engaged, and more engaged students are the ones you want to snap up in your group before it’s too late. Another little thing you can look at is are students prepared, so are laptops out? Do they have a pen and paper? These are all little things we can keep an eye out for!


This doesn’t mean you’re doomed this semester. This is just a nice little trick you can be aware of when you get the opportunity next!! Just give it a go next semester and all the ones that follow!

So where to now?

Now It’s your move..

  1. Introduce yourself and form a connection with Students that seem engaged from tutorial number 1
  2. Don’t ever miss your first tutorial, because you don’t want to be paired with the left overs
  3. Make sure you demonstrate that you’re engaged from day 1, because engaged students might end up flocking to you!
  4. Group assignments are a great way to build your network, so take them seriously

Good luck with your next group assignment! Go get em.


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