The answer is straight out no…..


Failing units is a reality that many university students have to deal with and 90 % of the time it’s due to work ethic and not ability.

The promising truth for everyone reading is that how you respond to the failure defines your future success. It’s not a failure, it’s a learning curve! It’s only a failure if you let it overcome you.

I still remember the day when I got given the dreaded news that a failed 2 of my units (2 in the one semester) and I remember the day so clearly because it was a defining factor in my development. It was the wake up call I needed, and there was no chance I was going to fuck up and let myself and family down again.


So from here I basically I put in the work and immersed myself in what I was studying. You get out what you put in and I realised the marks I was getting was indicative of my mediocre effort!


So what can we take away from this experience?

Now it’s your move…

  • Use failure as a turning point. Let the failure drive a specific action to change
  • Set high expectations of yourself. Nothing is more shattering than letting yourself down and those around you. Hold yourself to a standard
  • Immerse yourself in what you’re studying. The more you put in the more you get out
  • Speak to a course advisor and map out a plan to attack the unit again!!


Remember, it is only a failure if you fail the unit twice, so it’s not the end of the world guys!!



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