Are you struggling to find your calling in life? Are you struggling to find out what you want to major in at University?


This question can seem very daunting, like how the f#ck are you meant to decide on your future if you can’t even decide what to have for dinner tonight?


Everyone has been in this situation, including myself, magically waiting for your calling in life to turn up at your doorstop……

Back when I started Uni in 2014, I basically just sat in class and thought actually getting to uni was the real challenge and now I can just chill for the next 4 years and hopefully someone at the end of it would just hand me a job.

No, this theory did not work at all (obviously). My marks were well below par, as I prioritised drinking on a weekday over referencing a 3000 word assignment…..(I had a very farfetched view on life at that time).


So what did I do to discover my calling in life and what I wanted to major in?


Firstly, I identified some of my skills and interests. I was a creative person and enjoyed the idea of units where the lines were blurred and there simply wasn’t 1 right answer. I also took interest in the psychological component of consumer purchasing decisions, and how branding manages to create connections with consumers. So basically I took an interest in Marketing and Management related units.

Secondly, I picked up my game and began actually immersing myself in my uni work, because you’re not going to know if you enjoy something unless you give it 110 %.

Lastly, because I was a second year student, I could experiment around with elective units, so I took all the classes that peaked my interest.

Looking back now, the rest is history…. Marketing sparked my interest and through the remainder of my studies it ignited into a passion and calling.


Now it’s your move……

Here a few things we can all do to greater understand what we want to major in and what career path we might end up wanting to pursue.

  1. Experiment around with Elective units– Elective Units are a great way to do classes that you are genuinely interested in and when you’re interested in a unit, you’re likely to achieve higher marks and remain more engaged!
  2. Match your interests and strengths with a specific discipline
  3. See a course advisor That is what they are there for and they are always happy to provide guidance
  4. Immerse yourself in what you do The more you engage in class, the more you will learn. Basically the more you learn, the greater value you can take out from an experience


Finally, I’ts ok not to have it all figured out yet….. It will come sooner rather than later. Keep pursuing!!!! Our generation has more freedom than ever. Utilise all the resources around you and have fun with it! Instead of worrying you don’t have things figured out yet, spin it and use it as a chance to explore and embrace new things!



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